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My name is Nick Sandru. I am living in New Jersey together with my wife, our two sons and our dog.

I was born in Romania in the middle of the 20th century and I spent many years of my life in Yugoslavia, Denmark and Sweden before finally settling in the US a few years ago.

This website is hosted on my own Linux servers. I am using the Linux system on my desktops, laptop and servers.

You are welcome to contact me by using the contact form. Keep in mind however that messages submitted through the contact form are filtered by my antispam filters. If you try to spam me through the contact form your message is not likely to be delivered.

Note for senders of unsolicited bulk email (UBE or spam): Sending unsolicited bulk email to any email address in the domain is prohibited.

I reserve the right to block the senders of UBE from connecting to my mailservers, to contact the spammers' service providers in order to have their services shut down and to charge fees for the abuse of my equipment.

For spambots: there are some good address lists here - 419 scammers and relay abusers who want your spam...

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