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December 28, 2008 - The website converted to MediaWiki.

April 15, 2012 - I have started a complete rebuild of the servers

July 2012 - Ongoing projects: The Sandesnet network rebuild:

  • kilauea rebuild based on CentOS 6.2, with drivers for a Brother MFC-210C device installed and configured via Puppet
  • Puppet classes for installing and configuring NIS clients and servers
  • Storage array prototype
  • Hardware monitoring system based on SNMP traps
  • Upgrade of all Debian 5 systems to Debian 6

On The Delaware & Raritan N-scale railroad:

  • Traction power wiring done in the Gotham South area
  • Traction power wiring and track laying underway in Gotham Junction and staging yard
  • Circuitron Tortoise drive installed, wired and tested in Gotham South (crossover #41)
  • Tortoise drives installation underway in Gotham Junction

August 2012

  • I did a lot of long-overdue updates and additions to the website
  • The website is scheduled to be migrated to a newly built web server host as part of the rebuild project
  • (8/10) I added (finally) a favicon.ico file to the website...

October 12, 2013

  • Website moved to a new virtual server hosted on katmai with updated versions of Apache, PHP and MediaWiki.
  • All access is now redirected to HTTPS.

November 17, 2013

  • The last part of the email system - the Cyrus IMAP server - has been moved to the new virtual server hosted on katmai.
  • The OpenVPN tunnel server has been moved to the virtual server hosted on katmai.